$100.00 USD or more

What impact do you desire to have in the planet?

What do you know that you've been pretending or denying that you know that if you acknowledged it would completely change the planet?

This program is a 30X30 group that is taking place on Facebook.

You can tune in daily and receive questions and processes that will be facilitated for 30 days to invite you to a different possibility of being...

A different possibility where...

  • You stop doubting yourself
  • You trust YOU & what you know
  • You get to choose to be the source of your life & living
  • You get to positively impact the planet and create a different future of infinite possibilities

Would you be willing to say YES & create this reality together?

We start on August 1st...and meet daily @8:30AM EST (times subject to change) Recordings are posted as well

Is now the time to choose something different?


10% of Net proceeds benefit El Lugar

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